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Maria & Dan | Michigan Fall Engagement



There is something extra special when you are apart of a friend’s big day! That might be why I’m extra excited to be photographing Maria and Dan’s engagement and wedding. I have had the pleasure of knowing this beautiful couple for quite a few years and my gosh are they cute! Between the endless laughs, Maria’s funny puns and their adorable pup Hudson I just can’t pick a favorite image!
We braved the unpredictable Michigan fall weather and embarked on our eventful evening. With a few outfit changes we were even able to incorporate Daniel’s firefighter gear! Seriously, how fun is that?! It made for some cute ideas and a huge thank you to your service as well, Dan! I tend to keep my blog posts short and sweet because there is never enough justice to what the photos provide, so let’s get to it! 
Thank you once again for trusting me with this special time in your life and I absolutely cannot wait for your summer 2020 wedding! 
Love you guys,Morgan 


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